Québec Ice Trip by Petzl

Le Québec ice trip, à consommer sans modération !!
Une "journey" bien sympa avec les potes grimpeurs.
Voir le post de Sam Beaugey sur le trip...

La version québecquoise :

Et sa version anglaise :


Outdoorgames MédéO : the Director's cut !!

Et bien voilà la version finale (on dit le "Director's cut") du film des Outdoorgames...) !! Et il fait toujours 5 minutes !!
Bon c'est pas ça qui nous aurait fait gagné, mais au moins c'est le film que l'on voulait faire !!
C'est dur d'avoir un timing obligatoire, on a du couper pas mal de plans (jolis et impressionnants!) pour rester dans le timing...
Ci dessous le billet posté sur le petzlteam (in english in the text) :

Just a few words to introduce the "MedeO’z movie", made for the Outdoorgames at Chamonix. Please visit their website to learn more about this wonderful and very creative event...
The idea is : Seven teams of professional film production companies had to create three differents projects in only five days!!!!

  • A 5 minute short film

  • A photo gallery

  • A 1 minute making-of short film

Our idea was to combine all the projects in one, instead of doing three separate projects.
We approached this contest like a global concept, relating the film, the photo and the making-of.
That’s what you will understand here below :

  • 1/ THE FILM :

  • A 5-minute short film movie featuring 5 different sports: mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and base jumping. All the footage and editing had to be done in five days, from Monday to Friday and had to be shot in the Mount Blanc range.

    The movie had to be understandable for the international jury, so we made the voice-over in English. A French version is coming soon!

    But for those who don’t really understand English: the idea was to tell the story of our photographer, who wanted to take the 5 sports in one picture, instead of taking one picture of each sport. This picture took us a lot of work and energy!!

DOWNLOAD the movie in high resolution format (Quicktime - H264 codec - 195 Mo).


  • Photographers of each team had to take 20 pictures, with at least one picture of each sport.
    As I said above, the ‘project’ of our photographer was to shoot the 5 sports, but in one picture.

    Please visit the photo gallery to see the 20 pictures of our ‘very special’ photographer :
    Mr Tony Lamiche.

  • 3/ THE MAKING - OF :

  • Then check out the “Making-of” short, the logical conclusion to this first film.
    The rules of the making-of competition were to create a 1 minute short film, including footage of the movie creation, the backstage of the film and the Nissan car loaned to use for the week. As you can see, everything is connected, and that’s what we wanted to do.


Download the story-board of the film
, (.PDF), which had been made three months before the event !! As you can see, we did exactly what we drawed, every shot was planned... That's crazy to see how the film can be similar to the storyboard...

Some pics, from the 'Making-of' movie, in order to show you the setup of the film...

A lot of video equipment !!

Thanks again to the crew, who got really involved in the project, even late into night!
Thanks to MedeO, who really managed the creation of the film.

A huge thanks to Liv, who really got into the moment, ice and alpine climbing with both a photographer and a filmmaker. Not an easy task!!!!

Thanks to Tony, the spirit and star of the film. His hard work helped bring the film together.
It’s sometimes easier to be an elite athlete than to be a great actor!!

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