The Pathan Project - Official Teaser

"There is this place where no one has ever dared to venture..."
The Pathan Project is the story of four friends who explored the remote - and recently opened - valleys of Pakistan, places where few to no westerners have ever set foot!
The movie is 45-min long, and will be released in early April 2019.

Nicolas Favresse
Mathieu Maynadier
Carlitos Molina
Jean-Louis Wertz

Directed & edited by
Guillaume Broust

Original Soundtrack by
Vlad Cellier -  Nicolas Favresse - Zikali

Stay tuned for more!

#climbing #bigwall #adventure #pakistan

Run&Fly - The world lightest aircraft

My collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Chandelier.
Crazy project for a crazy glider (guess its weight!) that fits in a 4L bag...
JB designed and tested this wing with Dudek Paragliders for the past year. We made the movie with runner & pilot Jérôme Canaud and my aerial cinematographer mate Chris Tong Viet.

Enjoy the flight!

#runnfly #paragliding

Magikistan - Paragliding in Tajikistan

In spring 2018, paragliding acrobatic world champion Christina Kolb and paragliding instructor Alain Lehoux, went on a vol-biv trip to the mostly unexplored country of Tajikistan... Here is the story of their journey.

Written & directed by Guillaume Broust

Christina Kolb
Alain Lehoux

Original soundtrack
Tactical Groove Orbit ("Radjastan")

Additional soundtrack
Onyx Music - ("N'Goni Intro" "Dandini" "Grounds Beats")
Gabriel Meyer - ("Breathe Celebration")

Thanks to
Advance Paragliders - Kortel Design - Pamir Peaks

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All rights reserved