Outdoorgames film on YOUTUBE

A priori les gars de Youtube ont aussi apprécié la vidéo de Médéo sur les Outdoorgames, car ils ont "highlighté" (en bon franglais) le film sur leur home page Sport...

Le corner Petzl sous Youtube.

Petzl DVD au Japon !!

Le magasine Rock & Snow a encarté ce mois-ci 40.000 dvds Petzl, avec le Best-of Climbing Movies.2...

Aligato !

Disponible chez tous vos marchands de journaux japonais...

le DVD Petzl "dans les BACS !!!"

Ça y est, il est sorti !! Le N°11 de VERTICAL Mag', distribué dans 25 pays, traduit dans 4 langues et tiré à environ 120.000 exemplaires...

Et qu'est ce qu'il y a avec, sous le blister du magasine ??
LE DVD PETZL 2008 !!! Avec les films de ces 3 dernières années, (autant vous dire un sacré paquet de contenu...)

Merci à Médéo et à Seb (the DVD authoring guy...)
Merci aussi à Bertrand Delapierre, qui nous fournit une partie de ses films...
Enfin merci à Paul, sans qui rien ne ce serait fait aujourd'hui !! Big Up !!

Ci dessous (en anglais), le résumé du contenu des films.


Check out our new sport DVD, including the best-of Petzl climbing movies.
This DVD is only available in some climbing magasines.

In Europe, it’s mostly diffused by VERTICAL mag.
Vertical mag is now published in 4 languages and distributed in more than 25 countries (Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, USA... )

This DVD includes :

*** CERRO TORRE [backstage]
The story of two alpinists, Bruno Sourzac and Ramiro Calvo, bewitched by the same mountain: Cerro Torre. In the heart of Patagonia, this granite monolith rejects many suitors, even the most gifted ones.
Ramiro has produced a funny and touching film of the Franco-Argentinean team making the ascent. While not a tango, the music driving the climbers is a key element in the story. Ramiro talks about how and why he made the film, underlining values dear to Argentineans: friendship, laughter and passion…
(Soon on the web !)

This one-of-a-kind race takes place every two years, linking Zermatt to Verbier (53 km, 3,994 m elevation gain). Against all expectations and unstable weather conditions, the record was broken. The team of Stéphane Brosse and Patrick Blanc from France and Guido Giacomelli from Italy finished in 6h18'48" breaking their own 2004 record by more than 12 minutes!
Watch the film here.

The story of four friends who go to Pakistan to climb a new route, close to their hearts, on the Trango Pulpit, at 6000 m. The four: Yann Mimet, Martial Dumas, Sam Beaugey and Jean-Yves Fredriksen spent 20 days on the route, but Sam made a somewhat shorter descent than his buddies...
Watch the film here.

*** QUEBEC Icetrip
Take four super-motivated ice climbers, and simmer them on low heat in France for three long months at 23°C (73°F). Then fry with onions by promising them superb routes and unlimited Quebecois ice...
Take them out of the oven… It's cooked! The "Quebec Icetrip"... available for mass consumption!!
Watch the film here.

*** KALYMNOS Roctrip
For this 8th edition, the Petzl team took a boat to the small island of Kalymnos. On the agenda: five days of sun, climbing and socializing on this isle in the south of Greece, just a few steps from Turkey. Thanks to its hundreds of extraordinary, top-quality limestone routes of all grades, Kalymnos has been attracting climbers from all around the world.
Watch the film here.

When fifteen climbers in need of adventure meet a strange wise man from another time, no one can predict what will happen… But strange beverages can change your vision of life!! Follow the adventures of our intrepid climbers, catapulted into the unknown by a Machiavellian DJ, to the tune of a funky remix...
Watch the film here.

The whole DVD is translated in both French and English;

*** Also including :
Redriver Gorge Roctrip
Millau 2006 Roctrip
Teasers (Baffin Island, Marco, Sorcière Blanche ...)
Original Soundtracks
Corporate movie
And more !!!

Outdoorgames MédéO : The perfect shot

Few words to introduce the "MedeO’z movie", made for the Outdoorgames at Chamonix. The idea was: Seven teams of film production companies had to create three differents projects in only five days!!!!

  • A 5-minute short film
  • A photo gallery
  • A 1-minute making-of short film

Our idea was to combine all the projects in one, instead of doing three separate projects.
We approached this contest like a global concept, relating the film, the photo and the making-of.

  • A 5-minute short film movie featuring 5 different sports: mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and base jumping. All the footage and editing had to be done in five days, from Monday to Friday and had to be shot in the Mount Blanc range.

    The idea was to tell the story of our photographer, who wanted to take the 5 sports in one picture, instead of taking one picture of each sport. This picture took us a lot of work and energy!!

  • Photographers of each team had to take 20 pictures, with at least one picture of each sport.
    The ‘project’ of our photographer was to shoot the 5 sports, but in one picture.

    • 3/ THE MAKING-OF :
    • Then check out the “Making-of” short, the logical conclusion to this first film.

      The rules of the making-of competition were to create a 1 minute short film, including footage of the movie creation, the backstage of the film and the Nissan car loaned to use for the week. As you can see, everything is connected, and that’s what we wanted to do.

    • 4/ PICTURES :

    Thanks again to the crew, who got really involved in the project, even late into night!
    Thanks to MedeO, who really managed the creation of the film.

    A huge thanks to Liv, who really got into the moment, ice and alpine climbing with both a photographer and a filmmaker. Not an easy task!!!!

    Thanks to Tony, the spirit and star of the film. His hard work helped bring the film together.
    It’s sometimes easier to be an elite athlete than to be a great actor!!

    ©Guillaume Broust - 2008

    La vidéo Bullet en 1ere page de DailyMotion !!

    J'ai eu la plaisante surprise de voir que les administrateurs de Dailymotion avaient séléctionné la vidéo OZONE BULLET en 1ere page de leur site.
    Petite action qui a néanmoins généré pas moins de 50.000 visites en 3 jours... C'est beau la technologie !!....

    Merci Dailymotion !!!!