The World's Best Belayer

A long-term project, featuring all the best world climbers: Dave Graham, Jorg Verhoeven, Said Belhaj, Sasha DiGiulian, Mayan Smith-Gobat, Steve McClure, Klemen Becan, Florence Pinet, Neil Gresham, Mélissa Le Nevé and Chris Sharma...
Also starring Jean Siuen and the famous Gilles Estramboulli !

Video - The World's Best Belayer

For Ray Verseau, climbing is only a byproduct of his true love, belaying. Verseau has taken his love of the belay and turned that passion into a profession, he is the World's Best Belayer.

Ray told us: "I never set out to be the World's Best Belayer, this was just a passion of mine. Coming home from work years ago I had this moment, where I just knew that I had to devote my life to the art of the belay. No other activity is as pure, or as fulfilling to me. I wake up each morning, begin my training routine, stretch, warm up, and then go to the gym or crag. In that moment when it is just you, your climber, the rope, and the device everything else vanishes. It's like a zen state. I am so lucky that I've found a way to dedicate my life to this purity and art."

Join him as he pursues his passion for the belay at crags around the world with many new and familiar faces.

Become the best belayer you can be

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