The Pathan Project

The PATHAN PROJECT is the story of four friends who explored the remote (and recently opened) valleys of Pakistan, places where few to no westerners have ever set foot!


Un massif inexploré au fin fond du Pakistan, une paroi jamais gravie, et une équipe de grimpeurs Belges, Français et Argentins bien décidés à conjuguer exploration, musique et bonne humeur. Nicolas Favresse, Jean-Louis Wertz, Mathieu Maynadier et Carlitos Molina nous embarquent dans une nouvelle aventure pleine de surprises, de frites et de rebondissements !

The music have been composed especially for the movie.

The main theme is:

  • "Pourquoi partir au bout du Monde?" performed by Nicolas Fravresse
  • "Petit Soleil" performed by Nicolas Favresse
The second theme is composed by Vlad Cellier from BarakaFlims
  • "The Balti Project" by Vlad Cellier
The western sequence is composed by Zikali
  • "The Down Wall" by Zikali
The aditionnal songs are


#climbing #bigwall #adventure #pakistan

Run&Fly - The world lightest aircraft

My collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Chandelier.
Crazy project for a crazy glider (guess its weight!) that fits in a 4L bag...
JB designed and tested this wing with Dudek Paragliders for the past year. We made the movie with runner & pilot Jérôme Canaud and my aerial cinematographer mate Chris Tong Viet.

Enjoy the flight!

#runnfly #paragliding

Magikistan - Paragliding in Tajikistan

In spring 2018, paragliding acrobatic world champion Christina Kolb and paragliding instructor Alain Lehoux, went on a vol-biv trip to the mostly unexplored country of Tajikistan... Here is the story of their journey.

Written & directed by Guillaume Broust

Christina Kolb
Alain Lehoux

Original soundtrack
Tactical Groove Orbit ("Radjastan")

Additional soundtrack
Onyx Music - ("N'Goni Intro" "Dandini" "Grounds Beats")
Gabriel Meyer - ("Breathe Celebration")

Thanks to
Advance Paragliders - Kortel Design - Pamir Peaks

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All rights reserved